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Sea Side

At Delight Beads, we offer bracelets and beads of numerous styles, and the majority of our products are covered with a layer of silver and have been enameled by hand. Our mermaid charm bracelets provide stunning colors and unique designs. Additionally, all of our products are made with high-quality metals and colorful stones.

Our business offers seashell charms that represent a wide variety of events and interests, such as weddings, family and friends, certain sports, music, Celtic heritage, love and animals. Once you've selected a bracelet, our experts can add your initials or specific types of crystals to the jewelry.

The seashell charm bracelets that we sell feature a shell and a bead that has the shape of a marine animal. We also provide charms that look like a lighthouse, a dolphin, a frog, a small boat, a dragonfly, a lobster and a starfish.