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Fairies & Dragons

Whimsical, fun, and light, our fairy and dragon charms are the perfect addition to any new charm bracelet. With customizable colors, stones, and additional charms, you can have the best fairy charm jewelry for your own collection or an addition to someone else’s. These adorable fairy and mushroom charms are perfect for the person who loves to embrace the imaginary side of life with a fun, creative personality.

You can also personalize these mushroom and fairy charms with your own personal twist. Adding a birthstone, a heart, or a Chinese symbol charm can take personalizing the fairy charm to another level of fun. Making the charms have a hole bead on top allows them to dangle from the bracelet freely, adding a unique touch to their charm jewelry. Whether you’re making the charm jewelry for them by hand or customizing one for them through our store, you’ll be giving them something sentimental to treasure your relationship with. By taking the time and personalizing these fairy and dragon charms, your gift to someone special will be the perfect escape into a mythical time.