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Searching for a unique, affordable, and stylish way to decorate your charm bracelet? At, we have what you’ve been searching for – Silver plated disc beads. These hole beads, which are sometimes referred to as disc beads, come in any color and pattern imaginable. Perhaps you’re looking to customize your charm bracelet with only blue and green beads. You have your pick of many different shades of colors, patterns, and sizes that fall into the blue and green category of beads.

Want to make your charm bracelet polka dot themed? We have different types of polka dot disc beads that come in different colors, sizes, and designs so you can complete your fun, retro-feeling bracelet. Are you not really in the market for a colored bead, so much as you are one with a pattern? We have a variety of pattern hole beads that will add a unique accent to your already dazzling charm bracelet. No matter what kind of theme you’re looking for in silver plated beads, we have something for you to add that extra charm to your next bracelet.