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Are you looking for symbolic beads that bring good luck, fortune, and love to your life? Our selection of silver Chinese beads has ancient symbols that are supposed to bring certain good fortunes into your life by wearing them. Symbol beads like Buddha, the character for “Friendship”, and the character for “Long Life” can be placed on one of the Chinese bead bracelets you’re making and bring the person wearing it the good qualities they hold.

These silver Chinese beads can go on a bracelet or necklace as a gift to someone you know that’s struggling or just needs some encouragement.  Decorating their piece of jewelry with a Lotus Flower charm can help to bring them good fortune in many areas of life, such as their relationships, career, and personal growth. Perhaps you’d like to put a Chinese Sitting Tiger charm on their bracelet as a symbol for strength and wealth in all areas of their life. Whichever kind of good fortune you’re looking to bring to the person wearing one of your Chinese bead bracelets, make sure to look within our collection of Chinese symbol beads to complete your jewelry.